My beliefs about powerful leadership

“People are leading people”

Claude Heini
  • You and your people know where you are headed, what you want to achieve and why and what you stand for. You really want it
  • Your first leadership duty is to unleash and protect the original human power and potential of your people
  • To capitalize on the human potential you must acknowledge the wholeness of head, heart, body, and spirit as well as the deeper human needs
  • Leading means influencing perspectives, feelings and therefore energies of people in such way that they are used to create the intended outstanding results
  • You WANT to lead people and you like to lead people. Leadership is a personal choice as well as an inner decision. The will to lead is critical for it´s quality and impact.
  • You recognize who you are, what you want in your life and what you stand for
  • The core purpose of your leadership is to create sustainable value for all relevant stakeholders. Value that without this leadership would not be possible.