Executive Coaching

Leading Power – A perspective for breakthroughs

Intensive one-day coaching

You connect the current leadership situation and challenges to your inner forces and energies through clarity and drive for the intended direction (goals, ambitions).

This intensive coaching day is offered to small groups of 4 persons.
Up to 5 consecutive days of intensive coaching can be requested.

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Executive Retreat – Leading from the future

2.5 days retreat for Senior Executives

You will have time and space to open up for your personal most important future developments and use those as sources of your power to lead effectively. You will change and increase your leadership influence through clarification of your deeper intentions.

Human Potential Coaching Program  – Online

6 to 9 months Coaching Program for Professionals 

You tap into the main sources of Human Potential and Power: the Heart, Presence, Authentic Self (your personal WHY), as well as using the Shadow (unconscious conditioned aspects of the past) and it’s integration/healing to support your path of growing. Raising Consciousness and the possibility to rather “respond” to life’s challenges  than to simply “react” is a result.